Frequently asked questions

1. Why I see a statement „Unapproved entry”?
Your entry will not be confirmed as long as we do not receive your entry fee for the contest - however it is not automated. The administrator of the contest must physically check off your payment. Therefore we ask you to be patient, please contact technical assistance if your entry is not confirmed 14 days after you have done a bank transfer.

After the deadline for sending us photographs, we wait another 7 seven days for the bank transfer to be done - and after this time photographs of authors who did not pay for the contest will be deleted.
2. A statement “Thank you for sending photographs to our competition” appeared.
If you see on your profile a statement “ Thank you for sending photographs to our competition” instead of “Add photograph” it means that you have already sent 5 photographs. It is impossible to send more than 5 photographs.
3. I cannot send photographs
Firstly, make sure that you did not exceed the limit of 5 photographs. If you choose a photograph from your computer and click “Add photograph” and nothing happens - wait another moment. Check whether you can see on your browser bar the icon of “sending photographs”. When your photograph is added you will be redirected to subpage of the photograph you have just sent.

If you still cannot send photographs - contact the technical assistance but remember to describe your problem precisely.
4. Can I change the password to my account?
A competitor cannot change the password given during the registration.
5. Can I change the e-mail address?
A competitor cannot change the e-mail address given during the registration.
6. Can I change my personal details?
A competitor cannot change his of her personal details given during the registration.
7. I have added a wrong photograph, how can I delete it.
Please contact the technical assistance. Send the name of the photograph, and the title - if you added the additional title. As well as your full personal details given earlier during the registration - in order to verify.
8. I do not want to participate in the competition. How can I delete my account?
Please contact the technical assistance and give your e-mail address and full personal details given during the registration.